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Going Down Under

IMG_2088Ok, here we go. As I promised my loved ones I have to write some stories now and then, now I finally have the time to do so. No, I’m just kidding! I like to write, but because of all kind of reasons I was not able to write something down, and that’s why today (lazy day after a party at the uni) is the perfect time to inform you about my experiences in Sydney so far!

So, are you ready? Let’s go! It has been more than a week already since I was at Schiphol to take my flight to the biggest island in the world: Australia! My parents, sister, her boyfriend and my friends came to say goodbye and that was actually the first time I realized I was leaving everything behind for several months. My family, my friends, my hometown, my country…everything! But, there’s always a bright sight! I was going to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Sydney, a city that has over 4,5 million inhabitants. Huge! Actually, the funny part of all of this is that I had a hard time arranging all my stuff and documents before departure, but because of that there was no much time left to prepare. So, here I am. I’m in Sydney and I didn’t read one book, till a very good friend gave me one. She asked: “Do you have that one already?” I said: “No, because it’s my first, and only one.” That’s how well I was prepared. That’s how it always goes haha.

The flight was pretty good. First I had to go to London with British Airways, from there my flight with Qantas continued to Singapore for a short stopover (45 min), and after that we flew directly to Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney. In London I was so excited to see the A-380 for the first time in my life, and I was so glad I finally had to chance to fly with one. For your information: the A-380 is the largest airplane for passengers and of course I’ve always wanted to fly one. But unlike some people told me how huge the plane was, I wasn’t really surprised. Just another plane. After testing the biggest passenger plane in the world I know one thing for sure: I care more about the destination than the way of travel actually!

After a 24 hour journey the captain finally gave us a short notice: “Prepare for landing, we’ll arrive at Kingsford Smith International Airport within 20 mins.” This was the end of my journey, the journey through the sky. The actual journey was about to begin! Sydney woohoo! Never been there, but just the weather made the Indonesian cells in my body feel like home already! The 28 degrees made me forget the 24 hour trip instantly! But now there was the moment I had to go through Australian customs, a tough moment I was told. This was the only thing I was prepared for (mentally). I was sure I had no seeds, no food, no crazy stuff in my luggage because I didn’t want to look like those Asians on television (Border Security – Australia’s front line) who try to bring their whole kitchen into Australia. But again, things worked out differently (as usual). No luggage check for me, I was welcome, and free to enter Australia. Now I wished I brought my whole kitchen with me! Although, the suitcase, stickbag and hand luggage I took with me were enough to make me look and feel like I took a dive in a pool just before I entered the doors of the arrival hall.

Now I had to make sure I knew where the shuttle from the hostel was picking me up. After a phone call, and waiting for ages, he finally arrived. In the meanwhile I met a girl from The Netherlands, and we had a common friend in Amsterdam. What a coincidence! Actually, my friend already told me she was going for exchange to Sydney too, but the fact we immediately met at the airport made it quite funny. Of course we text her straight away! After we arrived at the hostel (same hostel too, coincidence again) we decided to hang out with another friend of mine who was in Sydney too. And what happened next was unbelievable… the two Dutch girls I had introduced to each other met a German girl and within 24 hours they arranged housing in Sydney! A very nice apartment, close to the beach and not far from the uni! So cool, but so surreal at the same time. Some people were searching for ages, and these two Dutch girls found a place to stay almost instantly!

Well, 1-0 for the girls haha! I was still hanging around at the hostel and I had 4 days left to find myself housing. One of the first things I learned in the jungle of house hunting was: you better team up! So, making friends was essential and it increases the chance of finding housing, soon! I met some people at the hostel and together we tried to find a place to stay, not just ‘some’ place to stay, but a good place to stay. It isn’t hard to find ‘some’ place in Sydney, if you like to sleep with ten people in one room, want to sleep between a Aborignee couple or you love to share the house with 1.210.789 Chinese people. However, we were looking for something properly. Together with a Swedish and a Californian guy I searched the web and applied for a couple places. In the meanwhile the Swede found a place with two German girls (again, I don’t know why the Germans are that damn good in finding housing across borders. Let’s just say, they’ve always been). Brad (Californian guy) and myself found a place quickly afterwards. A place like we wanted, exactly where we were searching for. Clean, proper and with other international people living there. Near to the uni and not quite far from the beach, Coogee beach.

I have to say, I’m in Sydney for more than a week already but I haven’t been acting like a tourist (yet). I like to adapt to the Australian way of life, and I think it will not be that hard for me. Just chill out, and then you’re a pretty good Australian already haha! I think I can do that. But what I was trying to say, tourism is important for Australia and that’s why they try to promote things like Bondi, The Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Since I’ve been in Sydney I’ve seen none of these haha! I’m not quite proud of it, but it makes me realize that I’ll have enough time to go and visit these tourist attractions. Sydney is my hometown now, and I’m not leaving till semester one is over!

To refer back to the first paragraph, a lot of things happened, and these were just the first days! I’ll hope I can write some more coming days, I really want to! But first I have to play a field hockey tournament and witness a Australian rugby game. By the time this will be finished, my semester at the uni starts. So, as you can imagine, you probably have to wait a little while for my next story will be online. We keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram, Mail…



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